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Lease to buy
All Clean
Greystitch Photo Shoot Studio
USD$ 200 Per day
Proofing Cabinet Stainless, Electric
USD$ 180 Per day
CNY$ 6,888 Per day
Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong LKF
HKD$ 750 Per day
The Butchers Club Burger (Wanchai) - Open Kitchen's Food
HKD$ 200 Per holiday
The Butchers Club Shop (Online) - Australian Turkey
HKD$ 900 Per holiday
Glassware Rental
HKD$ 6 Per day
Rent a Stainless Steel Crock Pot - 3 Qt
USD$ 10 Per day
Chafing Dishes Stainless 6 Qt Round For Rent
USD$ 12 Per day
Rent A Soup Cup At Low Cost
USD$ 0 Per day
USD$ 1 Per day
100-Cup Coffee Maker For Rent
USD$ 25 Per day
Buffet Chafing Kit Electric For Rent
USD$ 17 Per day
Cordial Glass4.5 oz. For Rent
USD$ 8 Per day
6ft. Banquet Tables For Rent
USD$ 8 Per day
Rent a Stainless Steel Slotted Serving Spoon
USD$ 1 Per day
TONGS For Rent
USD$ 1 Per day
Dinner Fork Hammered
USD$ 6 Per day
Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant (Maximal Concept- Sophisticated Interior & Cocktail)
HKD$ 500 Per day
HKD$ 40 Per day